The Leading Jewelers of the World Pledge is not only a demonstration of our commitment, it is also the foundation of what we consider our honored guests’ bill of rights.

The Leading Jewelers of the World Pledge guarantees the finest selection, shopping experience and professional guidance. It is both our pledge and our mark of client respect. It is what sets us above the rest. It is why we are the discriminating client’s jewelers of choice.


We pledge to adhere to the highest possible standards of integrity. Honest, impartial recommendations based on our expertise – respecting our valued guests’ rights to accurate, relevant information.


We pledge to continue to grow our knowledge through our commitment to ongoing education and shared best practices. The Leading Jewelers of the World designation is not a logo or a franchise. It is a hard-won professional distinction in recognition of visionary product knowledge and on-going


We pledge to maintain our standards of integrity, knowledge and customer service to respect our valued guests’ rights to optimum choices of the finest jewelry products available anywhere and to help them make informed purchase decisions.


We pledge to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, providing world-class products and services – honoring our valued guests’ rights to fully experience the very best in fine jewelry and vividly express their individual styles.

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